Amulya Dairy Whitener Review

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Amul, is a brand which is every Indian’s Pride. I love each of its products and have faced no issues with the brand till now. Dairy Whitener or Milk powder is a staple product at our home as we don’t like using milk in tea. Usually we bring milk powder packs from abroad as you can get larger amount at an economic price. At times, we run short of stock, we buy it from our neareststore. So let us see how well Amulya dairy whitener impressed us.


Amulya Dairy Whitener

Directions for use:

Add 3 heaped tablespoons (25g) of Amulya to a glass (180ml) of lukewarm water and stir. Your glass of milk (200ml) is ready for direct consumption or add to tea or coffee.

Price: Rs.79.

Net Weight: 200 g

Ingredients: Partly Skimmed milk and Sucrose.

Approximate composition per 100 g: Milk 20g, Milk Protein 20g, Carbohydrates 50 g , minerals 5g

Amul Dairy Whitener

Amulya Dairy Whitener

My take on Amulya Dairy Whitener:

Amulya Dairy whitener comes in a cardboard packaging with a sealed aluminum foil packaging inside. All the relevant information is clearly given over the pack. I used to go confused about the ratio, when it comes to mixing milk powder with water. And the pack has clearly mentioned it over. It is important to move the contents of the package into an airtight container for retaining the freshness and quality.

As I mentioned earlier, we are not a regular customer of this brand. I will compare this with the milk powder of other popular brand called ‘Anchor’. Amulya dairy whitener has a smooth and fine texture comparing to it. One thing I did notice is that, this one is sweeter than the other.

Amulya has the presence of not just the milk powder but also powdered sugar in it, which is very much prominent if you consume a spoon of them directly. My grandmother has high diabetes issue and it is really funny to see her using this one without a skip in every tea she makes!

Amul Dairy Whitener

Amulya Dairy Whitener

It is important to mix this one with some normal water in advance so that you can use them on tea whenever you want.

As mentioned on the pack, if you use it directly to your hot tea, you get little lumps of un-dissolved milk powder which is surely not desirable. Other than that, it exactly tastes like milk when you prepare it as per the instructions on the pack. As I do not like milk at all, I prepare this one for compensating my daily calcium requirements. This one is a must try for every one like me.

Pros of Amulya Dairy Whitener:


Tastes like milk, if used as per the instructions

Can compensate the calcium requirements of milk.

Perfect for tea, coffee and ice creams as well.

Comes from a reputed brand called Amul.

Have a shelf time of 1 year from the date of packaging.

Cons of Amulya Dairy Whitener:

Cardboard packaging makes it difficult to store.

Diabetic patients should give this a skip!

Rating: 4.5/5

Amulya Dairy Whitener Review on February 25, 2016 rated 4.5 of 5

Sana Faisal

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