Do HomeMade Pizzas Taste Better With Britannia Cheezza Pizza Cheese?

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Pizzaaaaaaa….reminds us about something special or festive. It can be the only reason for a treat. Any chillout session is incomplete without a pizza. But what to do if your kid is asking for pizza daily. Then this pizza becomes a nightmare. While entering into my apartment, there’s a Pizza Hut on one side and Domino’s on another. A 2-year kid knows both now days and same with my kid also.

Britannia Cheezza

But I can’t keep health aside so thought of preparing it at home. I got one important ingredient without which pizza is incomplete and that is Pizza Cheese. Mostly used processed cheese for pizza preparation is mozzarella cheese.
I picked up Britannia pizza cheese, which they call Cheezza from Auchaan Hypermarket.
This is the one, which is widely available in almost every supermarket.
Available in 200gms and 400gms variants.
For 400gms I paid Rupees 197.
My Experience with Britannia Cheezza
Britannia pizza cheese contains mozzarella, which makes it melt easily. Baked mozzarella melts on pizza crust and makes a wonderful topping with vegetables and sauce. This cheese melts on the pizza and becomes like sauce and mixes well with other toppings and veggies. But strings of cheese do not come up well. When you consume it hot its nice in taste but after getting cold it becomes little firm and separates from the crust as if another layer is lying on crust.

Britannia Cheezza

But taste is not exactly like the cheese we usually get in outside pizza outlets

Pros of Britannia Cheezza Pizza Cheese:

  • Melts easily on baking
  • Remains moist after thawing.
  • Good in taste
Cons of Britannia Cheezza Pizza Cheese:
  • On getting cold it becomes chewy and firm to eat.
  • Does not taste exactly like store bought pizza.

Britannia Cheezza

My Grocery Confessions Verdict for Britannia Cheezza Pizza Cheese

  • Would I repurchase Britannia Cheezza Pizza Cheese? Yes, but would like to try other brands as well
  • Rating for Britannia Cheezza Pizza Cheese: 4 out of 5

Do HomeMade Pizzas Taste Better With Britannia Cheezza Pizza Cheese? on November 28, 2015 rated 4.0 of 5


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