Is Dana Mixed Fruit Spread Really Sugar Free?

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Remember how, when we were kids we wanted to grow up fast so that we could do whatever we wanted to and whenever we wanted to. And now that we are all grown up, we are ready to give up anything to back to those days. Someone, please invent a time machine. We are in the 21st century for God’s sake.


Dana Mixed Fruit Spread

While our scientists are at it, we hope that they succeed soon. Till then, I will manage with the memories of days when my mom used to make fresh paneer at home and me and my brother used to eat it hot and fresh with a sprinkle of sugar. The Jam sandwiches that my mom made for our school lunch were the best treats I could ask for.

So a Jam it is on the table for a review today. It is a jam and a marmalade. It is Dana Mixed Fruit Spread.

About Dana Mixed Fruit Spread

Dana Mixed Fruit Spread is a product of a Danish brand Scandic Food. It is made using traditional Danish recipe and is completely free of artificial sugar. It is marked as a Diabetic Spread on the packaging. It also states that it is suitable for vegans and coeliacs


Dana Mixed Fruit Spread

Price: 265 Rupees

Quantity: 315 grams

Shelf Life: 24 months (6 weeks after opening)

Ingredients: Sweetener (sorbitol), Fruits (Strawberries, Apples, Raspberries, Red Currants and BlackCurrants), Water, Pectin, Citric Acid, preserved with potassium sorbet

My Experience with Dana Mixed Fruit Spread

The only reason I bought it was the fact that it is made using real fruits and the only sugar it has is the natural fruit sugar. Yes, it has real fruits. Every 100 grams of jam contains 45 grams of fruits. Total sugar content per 100 grams is just 4 grams.


Dana Mixed Fruit Spread

It comes in a regular glass jar with a screw up lid. The paper on the lid has images of the fruits it contains. Speaking of which it contains Strawberries, Apples, Raspberries, Red Currants and Black Currants.

It tastes just perfect. I mean it is not overly sweet and sticky like a regular Kissan Jam. It is lightly naturally sweet and I can actually get a hint of strawberries, blackcurrants and raspberries. I love it absolutely. It is perfect for making a jam toast. The aroma of a toasted multi grain bread with Dana Mixed Fruit Spread on top is just perfect for any time of the day.

It goes to my list breakfast in bed essentials. It will be perfect with a toasted bagel, a plain parantha, a croissant and even a cracker. It also comes in other flavors like Strawberry and Apricot. I am definitely going to try the Apricot flavor.

Pros of Dana Mixed Fruit Spread

  • Free of artificial sugar
  • Contains 45% real fruits
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs
  • Made using a traditional recipe

Cons of Dana Mixed Fruit Spread

  • Low shelf life (only 6 weeks post opening)

I know it is a little on the expensive side, but I won’t be listing it as a con. The goodness of the spread justifies the price tag

My Grocery Confessions Verdict for Dana Mixed Fruit Spread

  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Would I repurchase Dana Mixed Fruit Spread: Definitely yes, I would also try other flavors

Is Dana Mixed Fruit Spread Really Sugar Free? on November 28, 2015 rated 5.0 of 5


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