Do You Use Patanjali Products? Here are some unknown facts about Patanjali products

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Most of us have used Patanjali products at some point and some are avid users of Patanjali products. The brand’s popularity has sky rocketed owing to the belief that the products are chemical free, ayurvedic and completely safe to use. But how true are these claims? Are all Patanjali products completely free of chemicals, preservatives and artificial flavors and colors? It is time we raise these questions

Here are some unknown facts about Patanjali products that you must know:

  • All of us start our day with a toothpaste and for those using Patanjali Dant Kanti Toothpate please note that it contains  flouride. That makes it unsafe for infants and for kids because they may gulp or eat the large amount of toothpaste and this may cause health issues. It is best to use a flouride free toothapste for kids.
  • Patanjali Amla Juice is very famous among health conscious people. Most of us gulp it down believing it will improve digestion. But did you know that it contains Sodium Benzonate, the side effects of which include respiratory tract disease, central nervous system disease, disorder of lymphatic system, hematologic disease, nutrition disorder, and vomiting. If you are looking for a preservative free  amla juice then the best thing is to prepare your own at home or buy an organic one.
  • Patanjali Shampoos have given some serious competition to most of the brands. They have a lot of herbs which are good for the hair, but please note that like most of the drugstore brand of shampoos Patanjali shampoos too contain Stearyl Alcohol which may lead to dryness.
  • If you are eating Patanjali Corn Flakes for breakfast thinking that it will help you lose a few pounds, please know that it contains sugar syrup and is not possibly the best option for weight watchers. There are sugar free varieties of corn flakes available in the market, that could be a better bet for weight watchers.
  • Patanjali Face Wash is not completely herbal. Most of them contain Methyl Paraben and Propyl Paraben. So for all of you who want to avoid chemicals completely, pick up an organic face wash.
  • Patanjali Jams contain added sugar and might not be the best option for health conscious people. So do most popular brands like Kissan. But if you want to go completely sugar free go for Jams that do not contain any added sugar.
  • Patanjali Body Lotion contains diazolidinyl urea. A lot of controversy surrounds the safety of diazolidinyl urea. Many believe it to be both toxic and carcinogenic.

Do all these things make Patanjali products harmful? The answer lies with you. If you are using all these products with a belief that all Patanjali products are completely herbal and organic, then you must stop using these products immediately. But if you are looking for an alternative to most drugstore brands, Patanjali is your best bet. Not only these are easier on the pocket but also contain herbs which definitely give Patanjali some winning points.


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