Is Junior Horlicks Good For Your Child?

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A decade ago, the time was like if you are going for shopping for your kids with in few minutes it was done. But that era of Natraj pencils, Parle G biscuits and one product dominated market is gone now; there are plenty of choices available in kids market.

These days kids like coke instead of milk. But milk is primary source of protein, calcium and so many vital nutrients. But making them gulp a glass of milk is like completing a project’s dead line. So these health drinks make your task easy and in this growing age they need trusted and ensured nutrition especially when they are fussy eaters.


Junior Horlicks

I picked Junior Horlicks chocolate flavor, which is my kid’s favorite, from Auchaan Hypermarket. It’s a malted milk hot drink developed by the James and William Horlick. Now manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline brand.


Junior Horlicks

Price –  Rs 206 INR for 500gms (chocolate flavor)

Shelf life – 12 months

In the initial stage of manufacturing, milled malted barley and wheat flour are mashed together in hot water where the starch is converted into sugars. To this sugar solution diary powders are added. The water content is then evaporated off to form a syrup which is dried in vacuum band driers to form a cake. This cake is milled into the finished powder. This is then fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Junior Horlicks is available for kids of two stages

  • Stage 123 for Toddlers
  • Stage 456 for Pre-schoolers

Moreover, it comes in different flavors like chocolate, vanilla, eliachi (cardamom).

Caution – Not for infants below 2 yrs and not substitute for breastfeeding infants.


Junior Horlicks

Pros of Junior Horlicks Chocolate Flavor Health Drink

  • It contains 23 vital nutrients and is high in protein
  • It provides 100% RDI of iron and calcium, important for bone growth and physical development
  • Junior Horlicks also contains DHA, which is essential for brain development

Junior Horlicks

My Grocery Confessions Verdict for Junior Horlicks Chocolate Flavor Health Drink
  • Rating for Junior Horlicks – 4.5 out of 5
  • Would I buy Junior Horlicks again – Yes,  for sure again and again. I liked it so much and my problem for fussy eater kid is also solved. But I can give a try to other health drinks also for a change.

Is Junior Horlicks Good For Your Child? on November 28, 2015 rated 4.5 of 5


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