Is Nestle Cerelac A Good Start For Your Growing Baby – An Honest Review

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Becoming a mother is the most precious and enjoyable moment in every woman’s life. But becoming a mother on one side fills you with joy, on the other side also gives you many reasons to worry such as how to take care of your baby, what is best for him/ her and what is not. Till the time your baby is breastfeeding you are tension free about his/her food. But as soon as baby is 6 months +, mother’s milk is not enough and he/ she needs solids along with it. I am a first time mother and now my baby is of 6 months, so her doctor told me to introduce baby food to her along with my milk. I brought Nestle Cerelac for her.

About Nestle Cerelac

Nestle cerelac is the instant cereal for infants of 6 months + and older as a supplement when breast milk is no longer the sole diet for the baby. It contains milk and comes in stages 1-4 depending on the child’s age group. Stage 1 is for 6 months +, stage 2 for 8 months +, stage 3 for 10 months +, stage 4 from 12 to 24 months. Stage 1 comes in 3 flavours i.e. Rice, Wheat and Wheat apple.
Nestle Cerelac Ingredients

Nestle Cerelac

Nutritiional Information
Nestle Cerelac contains ALA (Omega 3), LA (Omega 6), Energy+Protein, Calcium+Vitamin D, Iron/Zinc, Vitamin A+Vitamin C.
  • Rice Flour (41%)
  • Milk Solids (38.7%)
  • Sucrose
  • Soyabean Oil
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
Is Cerelac Safe for babies

Nestle Cerelac Nutrition Information

My Experience With Nestle Cerelac

My baby is of 6 months now, so I started giving her Nestle Cerelac of Rice Flavour. It comes in a powder form and steps to prepare it is given on the outer packing of cerelac. It has to be prepared with warm water and scoop is also given for use. On packing 3 scoops of cerelac is
mentioned, but as of now I have started with only 1 scoop. When prepared it tastes more like powdered milk and less of rice flavour (I tasted it before feeding it to baby). As it is a new food for my baby other than milk, she took only 1-2 baby spoons of it, but with daily feeding she is getting used to it and I try to feed her 1 whole scoop which I prepare.

Quantity: 300gms

Price: Rs. 158

Expiry: 12 months from the date of manufacturing

Pros of Nestle Cerelac

  • It is nutritious and gentle for baby’s Digestive system as it is the first solids introduced to the baby.
  • Being a rice flavour it is easy to digest.
My Grocery Confessions Verdict For Nestle Cerelac
To introduce baby with solids, Nestle cerelac is a good option as it is not too thick after preparation and baby easily swallows it. If my baby gets used to it, I am thinking of giving her till she haves it happily.
Would I Repurchase Nestle Cerelac
Once this pack of Nestle Cerelac Rice Flavour will be finished, I would like my baby to try its other two flavours i.e. Wheat and Wheat Apple.

Is Nestle Cerelac A Good Start For Your Growing Baby – An Honest Review on December 17, 2015 rated 4.0 of 5


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  1. Looks promising. I’ve not yet given this to my little one as my doctor suggested to give him fresh food as much as possible and keep instant food only for travel. I’ve got to try this

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