Are Parle-G Gold Biscuits Worth Trying?

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There are days when you want to splurge. And then, there are days when all you want is the simplest of things life could offer. Parle-G is for days like this. I always have Parle-G in my kitchen. I might not eat these every day but I always reach out for them on lazy mornings when all I want is some solace.


Parle-G Gold

About Parle-G Gold
Parle-G Gold is an attempt by Parle to enter the premium segment in glucose biscuits. It is priced at Rupees 20 for a 200 grams pack and looks really attractive.

My Experience with Parle-G Gold
When I spotted these at the store, I was a little overwhelmed. The good old Parle-G just got a makeover. The red and gold pack looks really attractive. And the fact that these are the only biscuits available in the premium category for glucose biscuits makes it a must have.


Parle-G Gold

Price: 20 Rupees
Quantity: 200 Grams
Shelf Life:

Open the pack and you will see two hard paper boxes of a hundred grams each. Honestly, I was expecting a lot more from Parle-G Gold, but I was surprised to see the similar Parle-G biscuits inside. I mean what is the point in changing the outer cover when what you get inside is the same as old one.

Though, I found the biscuits to be a little more crispy and and a little less sweet than the regular Parle-G. That’s the only good thing about it. These are priced double than the regular Parle-G. I do not mind paying an extra 10 bucks but what is the point here when what you get is the same as the cheaper version.


Parle-G Gold

Pros of Parle-G Gold:

  • Looks attractive and premium
  • Crispier and less sweet than the original Parle-G

Cons of Parle-G Gold:

  • Not much different than the original Parle-G

My Grocery Confessions Verdict of Parle-G Gold

  • Rating for Parle-G Gold: 2 on 5
  • Would I repurchase Parle-G Gold: No, its no different than the original one

Are Parle-G Gold Biscuits Worth Trying? on November 28, 2015 rated 2.0 of 5


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