Is Soul Pizza Sauce Really Good?

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Pizzas are a hit amongst people of all age groups. From a kid to a grown up, everyone loves pizzas. And then in India, we get them in all kinds like Pan Pizza, Punjabi Pizza, Authentic Thin Crust Pizza, Fire and Stone Baked Pizza.


Soul Pizza Sauce

My husband is very much fond of Thin Crust and Stone Baked Pizza. But then, eating out comes at a price. Plus, there are those lazy times when we do not feel like getting out of our pyjamas to step out of the home to grab a bite. Home delivered pizzas lose that freshness. So, we make them at home.

Pizza sauce is the main ingredient that gives the flavor to a pizza. So when I saw this new brand of Pizza Sauce at the grocery store, I grabbed it quickly.

About Soul Pizza Sauce

This is a product of ADF-Foods, the same company that manufactures Aeroplane Basmati Rice. It is made in extra virgin olive oil and the ingredients list does not contain any added colors, flavors or preservatives. But, it does not either say that it is free from all those. I would however like to believe the latter :) 


Soul Pizza Sauce

My Experience with Soul Pizza Sauce
It was an impulsive buy, but I am glad that I bought it. The packaging first of all is classy. It comes in a glass jar with a metal lid. I like it better than the plastic jar. It smells beutiful, of tomatoes infused with garlic, olive oil, basil and oregano. The taste is also overwhelmingly fresh. So far I had been using the pizza sauce from Fun N Foods, that I did not love but then never found an alternative either in the same budget. It tastes just like it smells. Although I love it, I would like to mention that if you like your pizza spicy, you might find it a little bland. It does not have a sweet or a sour taste. It just tastes what an Italian Pizza Sauce should taste like.

Price: Rupees 125
Quantity: 370 Grams
Shelf Life: 18 months

Ingredients: Water, tomato paste, tomato, onion, olive oil, garlic, salt, sugar, fresh basil, red chilli powder, corn flour, black pepper, dried oregano, xanthan gum.


Soul Pizza Sauce

I find the price reasonable for the quality it offers. It comes from an Indian manufacturer, probably that’s why it is not very expensive.

Pros of Soul Pizza Sauce:

  • Priced reasonably for the quality it offers
  • Does not state the use of artificial colors, flavors or fragrance
  • Tastes good and very Italian Ingredients true to an Italian pizza sauce

Soul Pizza Sauce

Cons of Soul Pizza Sauce:

  • Might not be available widely
  • People who like their pizzas sweet or spicy might not like it.
My Grocery Confessions Verdict for Soul Pizza Sauce
  • Would I repurchase Soul Pizza Sauce? Yes, until I find something better, which is highly unlikely :)
  • Rating for Soul Pizza Sauce: 4.5/5

Is Soul Pizza Sauce Really Good? on November 28, 2015 rated 4.5 of 5


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